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Vibrator for Clitoris and G-Spot With Wavy Surface: Iroha Minamo


The Inside Scoop

The Iroha Minimo is part of the Iroha M&M Collection, inspired by that twilight zone, where the moon shines on blue rippling water. 

The Minamo is elongated in shape, sleek and thin, to enable insertion; slight ridges along one side offers wave like sensations when added with the vibrations.  The product features a semi-flexible shaft to accommodate varying body shapes, (but be beware excessive force when bending may cause the product to break!) 

With Iroha's pioneering Soft Touch material, they are softer to the touch than any other product on the market, featuring a gentle quality when in contact with skin. The body of the iroha products are created from FDA-Approved Food Grade Silicone. With Iroha's water-resistant design, it can be washed with ease for easy maintenance.

Comes presented in a hard case which doubles up at the docking station for charging the vibrator. 

About Tenga

Tenga was founded in 2005 and has grown to become one of the leading male masturbation toy companies in the world. The Japanese brand has a very strong design and performance focus, and as with many Japanese companies, quality is at the forefront of consideration.

In 2013, Tenga decided that it could not ignore the women's market any longer and launched their Iroha (meaning "the basics" or "the ABCs" in Japanese) collection. Designed by an all-woman team, the concept is based around the importance of self-care and self-pleasure for our bodies. 

The designs are sleek and non-assuming, materials used are comfortable to touch, so be ready to explore a whole new world of pleasures with Tenga.

Currently the Iroha collection stocked at Maison Mika include: the Iroha Mini (small palm sized battery operated, entry level vibrators); the Iroha (collection of 3 mochi looking vibrators), and Iroha M&M (more traditional stick shaped vibrators). 

The Spec

4 mode vibrator

Toy dimensions: approx 17.3cm max height, 3.8cm max width, 2.5cm max depth

Material: Silicone and elastomer. Phthalate free and non toxic 

Waterproof: Waterproof up to 50cm

Charge: USB cable included, charge time approx 120 minutes, use time approx 90 minutes on full power 

Lube Usage: Safe for use with water-based lubricant

Care: Clean with soapy water or toy cleaner after each use

※Please do NOT boil or leave inside washing agents for prolonged periods of time.
※Please do NOT use Alcohol or other highly acidic or alkaline cleaners as this may cause damage to the product.

Warranty: all Iroha products are covered by a 1 year warranty from manufacturer 

About Vibrators

The world of vibrators is huge; over the last decade, many of the designs have moved away from the classic phallic shape, and into more versatile and discreet pieces. There are specialised vibrators on the market dedicated to stimulating one specific part of the body through varying vibrations and pulses. In general, many of the vibrators on the market today are able to aid in general massages and improving blood circulation throughout the body. These are great for exploring and sharing experiences.

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