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Maison Mika

Flirtationship Pleasure Box For Beginners ($130 Value)


The Highlights

It’s not serious...just serious fun.

It’s no strings attached, it’s the early days or maybe it’s a special roleplay? Whatever it is, this is everything you’ll need to make it even more fun. A little something to slip into, something to set the mood and plenty to keep you both in the mood. The more you use your imagination, the more fun you’ll have! 

Ideal for Beginners. 

The Scene

This is a special kit for our friends with benefits. This kit will help you to have a fun time, flirt and get you where you want to go. Start the night with a fancy cocktail, where you can add in the vibrating diamond into the glass. Make him guess what the diamond is and play with him. This discreet and adorable diamond vibrator is waterproof! You can use this vibrator as a body massager or tease your most sensitive areas.  

Then wear the eye mask and let him be creative by using your body as a sculpture. It's your time to relax and get loved!

Items come presented in a beautiful Maison Mika box, making this a perfect gift idea.

The Spec


Twenty One offers the ultimate female pleasure. With the perfect size and shape, it is designed to provide precise stimulation, through its 7 patterns and 3 vibration intensities. Surrender to the never-ending pleasure of Twenty One. It is waterproof and rechargeable. 



The first orgasmic gel for COUPLES - Yes, suitable for both men AND women. The exquisite sensation of hot and cold will heighten your intimacy by intensifying clitoral arousal and prolonging pleasure for the penis. Performance and pleasure are increased and intensified. YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couples Elixir is a delicious addition to the very heart of the action.



This sexy and sensual mask is the perfect accessory for a night of gentle teasing. Soft against the skin, the 100% lace material offers translucent sight to the wearer, reducing the vision to allow their partner added freedom to play without prying eyes. The use of an eye mask will increase the body's receptiveness to touch and add to the art of seduction. Mask is tied at the back, via two lace ribbons, allowing for full size adjustment and optimal comfort.


Please note where items have colour variations, colours will be packed at random and may be different to those shown in the images. If you have a strong colour preference, please provide instructions in the comments box or via email to us and we will do our best to accommodate.

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