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Dona by JO

Kissable Massage Candle Choco Mousse / Vanilla Buttercream

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The Inside Scoop

Ignite a deliciously playful mood, then drizzle the delectable melted soy wax over your lover's body and massage and kiss your way into a new level of intimacy.

As the wax is made from soy, the lower melting point means that the melted wax is ready at the perfect temperature for bedroom play. 

About Dona by JO

Dona by Jo is an aphrodisiac and pheromone infused collection for women. Dona reveals a woman's inner siren with sensual products to pamper, entice and play. 

Dona products are designed to help you relax, set the mood and get ready for a night of passion. The products transform your body and your surroundings into a romantic getaway. 

Use Dona products to explore your passion, creating an atmosphere for you and your lover to indulge in sensual, playful intimacy after you've been pampered and enticed.

The Spec

Soy candle 140ml

Available in 2 flavours: chocolate mousse, and vanilla buttercream

About Massage Candle Play

Touch is one of the easiest ways to make a connection with that someone special.

Massage candles are especially formulated so that the wax melts to suitable body temperature into a liquid format that is body safe, and is easy spread and absorbed into the skin. Typically infused with aromas to heighten the senses.  

Everyone loves a nice sensual massage. Gentle suggestive caresses across the body is a discreet way to extend physical touch to a partner.  Massage products not only help ensure that the movements are perfectly executed, but also gives that professional massage sensation at the privacy and comfort of your own private boudoir.

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