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Masturbator Tenga Egg Series

S$6.95 S$12.95

The Inside Scoop

The Tenga EGG Series may look small, but their super-stretchable material can fit men of all sizes! The external designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – meaning that each egg offers different sensations, and you can enjoy a completely different experience with each different EGG.

Designed as a one time use toy, this cute little gadget is a fun way to introduce a different way to stimulate your man; or can also be enjoyed as part of solo play. The stroker comes with lubricant, which allows for a smoother ride along this super stretchable sleeve. Choose to cover just the tip of the penis, or extend along the whole shaft.

The Tenga EGG Series is designed solely for one-time, disposable use. With concerns to hygiene, we do not recommend using the item more than once regardless of ejaculation.

About Tenga

Tenga was founded in 2005 and has grown to become one of the leading male masturbation toy companies in the world. The Japanese brand has a very strong design and performance focus, and as with many Japanese companies, quality is at the forefront of consideration.

Tenga also provides a range of good quality lubricants to help with play. 

The Spec

Super Stretch material – one size fits all!

Starting Length: 5cm*

Starting Width: 4.5cm*

Lubricant Included

*Product stretches to accommodate almost any size.


Casing: PP
Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Lubricant Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben

About Masturbators

Masturbators allow the man to experience new and different forms of stimulation that is not simply a hand. They are simple to use, and a fun way to get a man very excited before progressing to other forms of play. Usually, a masturbator is used in conjunction with a lubricant (typically water based since many masturbators are made from silicone) to minimise friction and ensure a satisfying experience. 

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