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Maison Mika

Provocative Encounters - Love Kit


The Inside Scoop

One box. Four trinkets. A titillating experience. 

Lift the lid and enter an exclusive secret society that celebrates afternoons of romantic interludes, and evenings of passionate sensuality. 

Ask not to be disturbed. A fantasy will soon unfold. Toss convention out the window; let the imagination take flight. Pure indulgence awaits, reserved just for connoisseurs of pleasure. 

About Maison Mika

As women, we spend our lives giving our best, regardless of what role we play.

Well, almost.

The fact is when donning the lover hat, some of us might be too shy and embarrassed to push the boundaries in the bedroom.

Fortunately, help is at hand.

Maison Mika is a brand established by Asian women for Asian women. We believe that with a toy or two, it is possible to propel our intimate relationships to new heights and make some serious magic.

Ordinary can become extraordinary. Extraordinary can becoming mind-blowing. You get the drift.

We are unapologetic about the fact that we sell sex toys. But there is nothing sleazy about what we do.

Instead, we see our lovelies as must-have accessories between the sheets, further enhancing those precious moments we take out of our hectic schedules to connect on a physical level with our partner.

We are not alone in our beliefs. A range of hospitality brands work with us to create bespoke boxes with complementary toys as an exclusive in-room amenity.

Curious? Then take the leap and shop the collection. We have gone through great lengths to ensure it has the highest ratings in safety and quality.

Because your pleasure is our passion.

The Spec

Beautifully presented in a sustainable bamboo gift box, which can be used as a toys storage box thereafter.

1 Pair of Naughty Not Nice Dice, stainless steel, dipped in 14ct gold 

1x 100% luxury silk eye mask cum bondage Slip Silk Band

1x Lock & Pearl Cuffs - 14ct gold plated stainless steel bangles that adjoin via a chain and can be used as restraint

1x YesforLov "Sensations & Prowess" - intensifying arousal for ladies and prolonging pleasure for men; the perfect cocktail for a cosmic night in


About Provocative Encounters Box

This is a specially commissioned box in partnership with luxury resort hotel, Huvafen Fushi. Limited edition and custom made for their resort guests, we are now bringing this premium gift box to our online store! 

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