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Nipple Covers: Glitzy Lady

Designer: La Vie Nue

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Designed to complement and show off the woman's body, it's easy to feel a million dollars in these glitzy gold sequined pasties. These nipple covers are soft to touch, and made with reusable sticky silicone gel backing; its gold colour makes for a unique and stylish piece. Can be worn as is, or paired with a bra. Remember to add a feather tickler or some pearl restraints to the cart to finish off the look.  

About La Vie Nue

La Vie Nue is an exclusive up and coming brand; bringing sexy and playful accessories at affordable prices. Design functionality and quality materials are at the forefront of consideration at La Vie Nue. Designed by a woman only team, much thought is given to each product's usage, and the way that the item will look and feel from a woman's perspective. Many items in the collection have more than one use, and are created to be pieces that women feel comfortable and sexy wearing. 

Many of La Vie Nue's products are exclusive to Maison Mika, making for a beautiful and unique addition to any gift set for that special someone.

The Spec

Size L: (9cm diameter)

Material: Gold sequins attached to PU Leather on silicone gel pad (reusable) 

Comes with a black pouch

About Nipple Jewellery

Nipple covers are a simple and unique way to celebrate the woman's body. Dress the breast up, and yet leave a just that little bit to the imagination. Share the outfit for your partner only; or for those more daring boobies, wear them as part of an outfit on a sparkly night out and be sure to steal the show.