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Bijoux Indiscrets

Poeme Sweetheart Cherry (50ml)


The Inside Scoop

Preparing a romantic dinner at home? Make dessert that little more special with edible body paints. Celebrate your partner's body by using it as a luscious canvas, write sweet nothings on their body, and then lick the words off with gentle kisses. Let the gentle caress of the pen nib and its feather ends tease and stroke the body.

The ideal ending to dinner and the perfect start of a real night in. 

About Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets is a trailblazing company in the market of erotica and sensual products. From the time it was founded in 2006, in Barcelona, the brand has achieved position as a European and worldwide referent in the sector; and it’s currently present in over 40 countries all over the world.

Bijoux Indiscrets features a wide range of sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics, and intimate toys designed by women for women, with the purpose of empowering women, lighting up the passion and creating unforgettable moments of pleasure.

The Spec

Sweetheart cherry flavour body paint presented in glass jar, includes writer feather with silicone ending. 

Size: 50ml 

Made in Barcelona Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Water, Concentrated Sour cherry juice, Acidifier (E-330), Stabilizer (E-440), Flavour, Preservative (E-202) and Colour (E-122).

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