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Ben Wa Balls: L3 Love Balls

S$39.95 S$45.95

The Inside Scoop

If you are looking to strengthen your orgasms even further and have a good time doing it, we here at OVO have just the toy for the job. The Offset Love Balls! Made of silicone, waterproof, and perfect for advanced orgasm strengthening, the love spheres will offer unique sensation with each movement that will make your breath hitch, while simultaneously strengthening and increasing you orgasms!

The best part yet? No one will know what you’re up to because the spheres are inaudible and silent, so your best to keep that smile under control because it'll be a dead giveaway.

About Ovo

In true German style, this young but upcoming company has managed to successfully marry great functionality with clean design.

Originating from Germany and with a view to creating beautifully sleek and 100% body safe lifestyle toys, all products have either won or received honorable mention at recent Red Dot international design awards – a recognition previously achieved by major, mainstream manufacturers like Dyson and Mercedes Benz. 

The Spec

Weight: 35g (approx)

Insertable length: 8cm (approx)

Girth: 3cm (at widest point)

Material: Silicone soft material

Waterproof: Waterproof

Contains Lead: No 

Contains Phthalates: No 

Warranty: 15 year warranty provided by manufacturer; must register product with manufacturer directly on the Ovo website, and retain proof of purchase

Lube Usage: Safe for use with water-based lubricant

Care: Clean with soapy water or toy cleaner after each use

About Kegels

There are many names for these wonderful contraptions, ben wa balls, kegels, burmese balls, geisha balls, venus balls to name but a few; but essentially they are all marble-sized balls, designed to increase pelvic floor muscle strength. These balls have been around for centuries, and aside from the medical benefits such as aiding bladder control or pelvic organ prolapse, they help to form a stronger band of muscles resulting in better love making for both you and your partner. Admittedly, the balls takes getting used to, but given the list of benefits, there are few reasons not to get those muscles exercising!


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