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Hands-Free Prostate Massager for Beginners: Helix Syn

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The Inside Scoop

Helix Syn: silicone synergy! Experience the synthesis achieved with Aneros' most popular Helix model and velvet touch silicone.

The original Helix design has been skillfully refined for an even more comfortable fit, and with it's solid inner frame, still maintains the rigidity necessary for the mind-blowing prostate experiences Aneros is famous for. The final touch is a coating of the finest silicone available, for extreme comfort and maximum pleasure. The Synergy possible with Helix Syn and the Male G-spot is an unmatched combination you have to experience for yourself.

Although the original Helix was a proven success, Aneros took feedback from its loyal customers to create the most refined model to date. The original Perineum Tab was remodeled with rounded edges and just enough silicone to earn it's new name, the Comfort Tab™.

After years of research, Aneros found that simply making products out of silicone would not give the same outstanding prostate massage that we are world renowned for. However, with a sturdy inner frame, you are treated to the most comfortable and mind-blowing experience you've ever imagined.

- Hands free pleasure
- Perfect for advanced and beginner users
- Velvet touch silicone for extreme comfort
- Made with FDA approved materials
- Anatomically designed for a perfect fit
- Based on proven helix design, yet refined

This increased sexual performance is a great secondary benefit for his partner as well. An Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy with your partner.

About Aneros

Aneros is one of the most recognised names in hands free, prostate stimulators. The company, founded in 2003 in the USA, created the market for male G-spot stimulators. Many of their designs are patented and unique in that it takes in account years of research and development which translates into a deep understanding of the male anatomy. The result? Aneros designs and produces the safest and most pleasurable prostate stimulators available today.

Every curve, every angle of each model contributes to a precise anatomical design which makes compelling and transcendent experiences possible. The hands-free design means that you can achieve these unique pleasures with products that work in harmony with your body’s own movements.

The Spec

Prostate massager, made from FDA approved, medical-grade plastic

Size (please refer to the product image, to which the letters correspond):

A. Tip Width: 2.7cm
B. Mid-Ridge Width: 2.4cm
C. Stem to Perineum Distance: 4.4cm
D. Insertable Length: 10.2cm

Waterproof: waterproof

Use with Lubricant: recommend using only water-based lubricants (water-based lubricants also will not breakdown silicone which is used on some Aneros products)

Care: Clean with soapy water or toy cleaner after each use

About Prostate Massagers

The Prostate is a walnut sized gland where semen is stored. It is located 2-3 inches inside the anus, generally in the same area for 98% of men. From a health perspective, it has been often advocated to clear the prostate on a regular basis, so that the semen does not become stagnant and risk bacteria build up which could lead to swelling and in extreme cases, prostate cancer. In fact, from a health perspective, the list is endless, but one of the major benefits of regular prostate massages is that it aids in erectile dysfunction.

Whilst many men are concerned about this not being natural, or even hurting, actually, men who have mastered the art of prostate massages swear that it is actually quite pleasurable. It is worth spending the time to learn how to do this; many start with a finger first, and once comfortable with that, move on prostate massagers which help pinpoint the exact location is more comfortable than a finger. 

It is strongly recommended that lubricant is used during prostate play.

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