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Anal / Vaginal Douche Whirling Spray (Unisex / Maximum Cleansing)

Designer: NEXUS

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Durable shaped dome tip that sprays a circular fountain of cleansing massaging pleasure inside you. Soft plyable rubber bib creating a firm seal between pieces. Soft and plyable easy pump bulb for fast and steady flow.

Gently cleanses for optimum hygiene
Enjoy a sensational stream
Ergonomic squeeze bulb pump
Whirling attachment delivers a steady fountain
Probe directs water high into the anus

About Anal Douche

An anal douche is a tool for removing any fecal remnants from the rectum, typically in preparation for receptive anal sex, through rinsing the rectum.

Although not a pre-req for butt play, an anal douche can help you feel more confident about anal sex (because you're, um, clean) and best prevent potential messes.