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Couples Elixir - Lubricant & Stimulant in One (use promo code ALL special purchase)


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The first orgasmic gel for COUPLES - Yes, suitable for both men AND women. The exquisite sensation of hot and cold will heighten your intimacy by intensifying clitoral arousal and prolonging pleasure for the penis. Performance and pleasure are increased and intensified. YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couples Elixir is a delicious addition to the very heart of the action.

A highly-concentrated formula, just a drop of this orgasmic gel is enough. The tube should provide around thirty applications.

A subtle wild strawberry fragrance - the YESforLOV Couples Elixir is kissable, delicious to the taste and slightly minty.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms, this orgasmic gel is compatible with condoms (NF S97-034 standard) and all sex toys and accessories.



About YesforLov

A French brand that sublimates love in its feverish preparation, its shared games, its secret and fleeting moments. A brand that evokes the bacchanal rounds, Pan's dance, the erotic feasts of the summer solstices, a long-forgotten memory of a nursery rhyme that ends with "Kiss whoever you want".

This is how YESforLOV was born, a typically "chic and glamorous" brand, utterly "made in France". It combines an unparalleled demand for quality, rich and natural ingredients, and innovative, refined packaging.

The Spec

Made in France. Not tested on animals. Approved for European Class II A Medical Devices.

Size: 30ml Tube 


Apply a pea-sized amount to the head and around the length of the penis. Gently massage in with the thumb and index finger for approximately 30 seconds to ensure the product is fully absorbed but leaves a light covering on the surface to create its own arousing action.

Then rub the penis against your partner's clitoris and labia. This will create the sensation of heat followed by an exquisite alternation of hot and cold that will arouse the clitoris and stimulate the female G-spot. For men, the sensation will increase arousal whilst simultaneously enabling increased control.

Cautions/precautions to take :
- The Couples Elixir is not a contraceptive.
- Do not use in the event of skin lesions.
- In the event of a skin reaction, you are recommended to stop the treatment and consult a doctor.
- Do not apply in combination with other products on the same zone without medical advice.
- Not for use during pregnancy/breastfeeding.
- In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

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