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Maison Mika

At Maison Mika, your pleasures are taken seriously. We curate and create exclusive pleasure experiences for the curious and discerning Asian customer. Tasteful and discreet yet always indulgent, Maison Mika brings you love toys, sensual accessories, and sexual wellness advice to build strong connections with your lovers.

Celebrate with Maison Mika; anniversaries, hens parties, a little something to spice up date night, romantic getaways and everything in between!

Maison Mika is also the preferred brand in the post-maternal space, providing products that may help you get back to sexual life, and more.

Based in cosmopolitan Singapore, we understand the values, needs and high quality standards of this market. We're here to bring a modern take on sex, as a healthy and positive component of a fulfilling life that will yield meaningful relationships. At Maison Mika, you are safe to transform hidden desires into celebrated pleasures.

Explore, Fascinate, Enlighten. Enjoy!

The Most Luxurious Sex Toy Brand on Earth

LELO is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect.

Founded in 2003 in Sweden, the brand was built off one simple question: "What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?"

LELO is widely recognised as a global leading brand in adult toys, their design and quality focus make their products some of the most coveted in the industry. 


The Fifty Shades Freed Gift Box

In conjunction with the new movie, Maison Mika bring to you our exclusively packaged Fifty Shades Freed Playbox. Dare to try something new today. 

This Valentine’s Day: Surprise your partner with conversation and intimacy
05 Feb 2018

This Valentine’s Day: Surprise your partner with conversation and intimacy

Is Singapore ready to openly talk about sex and sex toys given its perceived conservative society? To dive deep into this issue, Maison Mika conducted a study on sex toys...
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The Real Meaning Behind
10 Nov 2017

The Real Meaning Behind "Work Hard, Play Hard"

To be professionally successful is a common goal amongst today’s modern woman, and in this generation, more women than ever before are joining the work force, determined to work their...
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These Ladies Use Sex Toys To Make You Care About Sexual Wellness
20 Aug 2017

These Ladies Use Sex Toys To Make You Care About Sexual Wellness

Sex toys get the ultimate makeover.    "I sell sex toys."   This is how co-founder and CEO of Maison Mika, Trina Yeung, responds when asked what she does. The...
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