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Dual-Motor Prostate & Perineum Massaging Vibrator with App: SVAKOM Vick Neo

Designer: SVAKOM

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Svakom Vick Neo Powerful Plug Vibrator with App is anything but ordinary. Built with dual motors, it is uniquely designed to stimulate the prostate and the perineum for a deep and intense pleasure experience. It comes with 7 vibration patterns to offer a mixture of sensation. Extra fun guaranteed since it can be controlled from anywhere via app.

Svakom Vick Neo was carefully designed to adapt to your anatomy with 55 angle that will target both the prostate and the perineum or the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Made out of silky smooth silicone for comfortable insertion, this little gadget perfectly fits your body allowing you to achieve full sexual potential.

Maximize your satisfaction with Feel Connect App allowing you to experiment and enjoy with whoever you want, from anywhere in the world. Webcam and video friendly too, enhance your experience and sync up with the motion of your favorite adult content.... a new definition of self love.

Enjoy an intimate experience that is both pleasant and intense, by applying a water-based lubricant. For optimal maintenance, it is recommended to use a little warm water, mild soap and a cleaner for sex toys.

Product Features:
App controlled work through Bluetooth connection
Enjoy with whoever you want, wherever you are
Connect to 2d interactive videos and webcam performers
Powerful prostate and perineum vibrator
Dual motor for double pleasure
Ultra soft and body safe material
Run at least 2 hour on a 1 hour charge
USB rechargeable
Whisper quiet


US-based SVAKOM is a world-renowned high-end sexual lifestyle brand, founded around 4-pillars: Care | Elegance | Fashion | Intelligence.

SVAKOM is a dark horse in the high-end sex toys industry. As a premium manufacturer, SVAKOM has been constantly pursuing excellence and innovation, and has won many international awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award and the Taiwan Golden Point Design Award.

Each toy is conceived and designed with pleasure as a mission and passion as inspiration. There's craftsmanship mixed with lust behind every feature. All products are made with eco-friendly materials. Less guilt, more pleasure.

The Spec

Color: Black
Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
Weight (Product): 82 g (2.89 oz)
Length (Product): 90 mm (3.5")
Insertable Length (Product): 75 mm (2.95")
Width (Product): 27 mm (1")
Weight (Include Package): 283 g (10 oz)
Height (Package): 145 mm (5.70")
Width (Package): 117 mm (4.60")
Depth (Package): 57 mm (2.25")


The Prostate is a walnut sized gland where semen is stored. It is located 2-3 inches inside the anus, generally in the same area for 98% of men. From a health perspective, it has been often advocated to clear the prostate on a regular basis, so that the semen does not become stagnant and risk bacteria build up which could lead to swelling and in extreme cases, prostate cancer. In fact, from a health perspective, the list is endless, but one of the major benefits of regular prostate massages is that it aids in erectile dysfunction.

Whilst many men are concerned about this not being natural, or even hurting, actually, men who have mastered the art of prostate massages swear that it is actually quite pleasurable. It is worth spending the time to learn how to do this; many start with a finger first, and once comfortable with that, move on prostate massagers which help pinpoint the exact location is more comfortable than a finger.