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A Feast For The Senses Pleasure Set For Intermediate ($175+ Value)

Designer: Maison Mika

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Endless pleasures from sensuous textures. Awaken your senses, let your skin be the gateway to your pleasure playground.

Experience an array of sensual textures when you play with these incredible erotic stimulators. Immerse yourself in this sensuous moment, a feeling both rare and beautiful. Best enjoyed by those with some previous play experience.

Ideal for Intermediates. 

The Scene

A feast for the Senses kit is for those romantic and memorable times where you really want to connect with your partner, physically and emotionally.

This is how you do it: turn on the oil candle and get both of you ready for a relaxing and erotic experience. Ask them to start giving you a massage with the melted oil, from head to toes. Massage every single inch of your body while recipient gets relaxed and turned on from the silk smooth gentle touches.

As the feast of the senses develops, use the glass anal plug with the silicone lube to stimulate erogenous zones in an enjoyable way. Get ready to have the time of your life!

Items come presented in a beautiful Maison Mika box, making this a perfect gift idea.

The Spec


This discreet and elegantly crafted glass design is simple, and leaves plenty to the imagination. The length and curvature is especially engineered to reach the g-spot effortlessly. It is believed that for some, the use of the more rigid glass material makes for a more intense stimulation and pleasure. But g-spot aside, this beautiful little device is highly versatile due to its composition, so go ahead and spend the time to explore, be it alone, or with a partner.



überlube is a silicon based lubricant that feels lightweight, but has a long-lasting performance without ever getting sticky or tacky. When not in use, überlube gently dissipates, leaving your skin with a soft and moisturized feel.

Due to the quality of the ingredients and simplicity of the formula, überlube naturally does not harbor yeast, bacteria, or mold—it needs no preservatives, alcohols, or antimicrobials to accomplish this.



Jimmyjane's coveted candles engage all the senses. Light Afterglow to create the right atmosphere, enjoy its scent, then blow out the light to drizzle the warm oil on the skin as the perfect start to an unforgettable massage – or a hydrating treat after a bath.

Available in different scents: Vanilla, Bourbon and Pink Lotus. 



The porcelain material is comfortable on the body, and can be warmed up or cooled down in water to create the perfect massage, on the body, back, and even on the neck, head and scalp.

The arch of the stone is ergonomically designed to fit the palm of the masseuse's hand perfectly, leaving four smaller nodes on the underside to deliver invigorating, pin-point stimulation and is good for more concentrated, multi–point stimulation of muscles. Flip the stone over to create a larger and smoother stroke. 


Please note where items have color or scent variations, this will be packed at random and may be different to those shown in the images. If you have a strong colour preference, please provide instructions in the comments box or via email to us and we will do our best to accommodate.