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The Big Tease – Flirty Ways to Satisfy

The Big Tease – Flirty Ways to Satisfy

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit once sang “I did it all for the nookie”.  Seems to me he got the wrong end of the deal since there’s so much more to look forward to than just some nookie! There are many other ways to tease and satisfy your man without giving up the nookie!  This list will come in handy when you’re on the rag or just not in the mood, or as foreplay to make the actual nookie so much more enjoyable for both of you.

1. Talk Dirty

Never underestimate the power of words and how they can stimulate a man’s imagination.  Send a flirty message at lunch time telling him you want him right now, or examples of what you want to do to him at night and he will be aroused the entire day.  Get ready to be swept off your feet and into the bedroom as soon as he comes home.

2. Dress Up

Men are visual creatures, so one of the best ways to get them hot and bothered is to create a visual that will excite them.  Really sexy underwear or lingerie (think lace and ribbons) will do the trick most of the time, but for some men nothing is sexier than you wearing their shirt and nothing else underneath.  The most important thing is to find out what your man likes beforehand.  

Once you’ve decided on the outfit there are two more things you need to remember.  First is how to wear the outfit - it’s all about the attitude!  Be confident and think sexy!  Second is how to take the outfit off.  Trust me, if you got your outfit selection right chances are he won’t want to wait to take it off to ravage what’s underneath - don’t let him!  Undress slowly - one button, one hook, one ribbon at a time.  This will be sure to drive him mad and over the edge with desire.

3. Use Your Mouth

This extremely useful method pertains to using your mouth to stimulate your partner.  Start with passionate kissing, the type of kiss that tells him you want him, one that will leave him coming up for air.  Then lightly nibble his ear lobes and lick the ridges of his ears.  Move lower to the neck, kissing, licking and lightly biting - give him a hickey if you want to!  Keep moving lower and flick your tongue against his nipples and plant light kisses down his stomach.  When you reach his wand - ignore it.  Kiss and lick his inner thigh and groin and by this time he will be begging you to take his penis into your mouth.  This is where you need to learn how to give good head, ladies - that’s a separate blog post altogether, but don’t forget to pay ample attention to his testicles - he will thank you for it.

4. Put Those Hands to Work

Honestly - 2 hands, 2 palms, a total of 10 fingers… Imagine what kind of pleasures these can create!  First, make sure your hands are soft and moisturised.  Rough hands with flaky skin are not a turn-on!  Then you can put those instruments of magic to work. 

There are many ways to use your hand to tease and satisfy - rub your hands slowly all over your partner’s body slowly and softly is a good way to get things heated up quickly.

This is also the part where you have to learn to give a massage, or rather a variety of massages.  Most of us view massages just as a way to relax and remove the kinks from sore and aching muscles.  Massages can in fact be very erotic and sensual.

For example - for many men the scalp is an erogenous zone so learning how to massage the scalp using your fingers can prove to be quite pleasurable.  Sometimes even just running your hands repeatedly through your partner’s hair with differing pressures and directions is enough to make him squirm.

Massaging your partner’s penis (aka giving a hand job) is also a sure fire way to satisfy without intercourse - trust me ladies men love being stimulated down there with hands that aren’t their own!

Tantric massage is possibly one of the most useful tools in any woman’s sexy time arsenal - it is a highly sensual massage guaranteed to take your partner to new heights of pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms with just the use of your hands!  Invest the time to read up and learn how to give this type of massage and your partner will probably never want to leave your bedroom.

5. Give a Lap Dance

Another effective way to satisfy is to fulfill a fantasy - for many men receiving a lap dance is an extreme turn on, and if done well a lap dance can take your partner through to the finish!  To be used in conjunction with #2.

A few rules of engagement though before you begin. First, select an awesome sexy track to dance to (channel your inner Magic Mike).  Second, set the tone - pick a comfortable chair, turn down the lights, maybe light a couple of candles.  Third, establish the one rule your partner must observe - no touching.  Tie his hands behind his back with a sexy ribbon if need be!

Now you’re ready to dance - be sure you begin by dancing in front and around him before starting to dance on his lap to heighten his anticipation.  When you finally get going be careful not to come down too hard - vary the pressure you apply based on his reactions, so looking straight at him is a must!  When he’s writhing with excitement and begging for release you can even choose to finish off with #3 or #4 for an extra satisfying experience.

6. Play

Ok so all this sounds like a LOT of work - what about those days when you really just can’t be bothered but want to please your partner?  Well fret not - there is a lot of accessories that exist to simplify your life and facilitate giving pleasure your partner.  It also a novelty for most, and can easily turn up the turn on factor!  To start on the softer side of things why not add a dose lube to your preliminaries, the temperature difference and easy glide will titillate his sensory perception. Use without restraint.  Another idea that works wonders: eye masks and ropes, these two accessories are the perfect ‘amuse-bouche’, and can turn a regular night into a playful celebration of the five senses.  And for the more adventurous ones, let me introduce you to the prostate massagers, which after the initial surprise, and in the same ‘adagio’ sequence, will take him to seventh sky.  Do remember to keep it playful and fun - bedroom accessories are there for maximum pleasure with an economy of effort!