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The Easy Beginners Guide to Sex Toys

The Easy Beginners Guide to Sex Toys


Are you on the hunt for something to spice up your sex life? Sex toys are tools that help us get more pleasure when we have sex or masturbate. However, there are too many in the market to choose from. How do we know which is the one for us?


Start from somewhere that you will feel comfortable to slowly browse through. Most people prefer to shop online in the comfort of their own homes where they need not worry about annoying shop assistants or getting judged by people when you enter the store. Find somewhere that offers good customer service, quality assurance and return policies as the last thing you want is to have your toy break down and not know what to do with it.


Know what your toy is for; to use for masturbation or to use with your partner? Nevertheless, some toys offer dual or even multiple usage and you can always get creative on how to use them for different purposes.



Vibrators are the most commonly known sex toys in the market. There are so many variations out there today. There is the mini bullet that is discreet yet can be deceptively powerful; it is an ideal beginner’s toy. It is great to use for external stimulation in different sex positions and to stimulate the different body parts such as the nipples and the clitoris. It has a good entry price point and best of all – it’s small and portable so that you can always bring it with you on vacation or to “sleepovers”.


Another popular vibrator brought to attention by “Sex and the City” is the Rabbit. It offers both vaginal and clitoris stimulation simultaneously to give you the most intense orgasms. It is commonly waterproof so that you can be used in the shower.


The couple’s vibrator is a recent addition to the vibrators world, the We-Vibe is the original couple’s vibrator and caused quite a stir in the industry. Couple’s vibrators can add variety and spice for a couple during intercourse.


Some of the more advanced vibrators on the market can be connected to your phone via an app so that you can custom your own vibes and create gyrations just the way you like it! Talk about fancy!


Cock Rings

Cock rings or some call it love rings are meant to enhance and prolong erections by preventing the blood from flowing back down. Entry level rings are usually made of soft silicon that is stretchable ensuring a snug fit for a wide variety of users. Some are coupled with a mini vibrator to stimulate the balls and clitoris during sex to give both man and woman the most intense orgasms.



Lubricants are used with sex toys to enhance the enjoyment of your play. Lubes allows for easier penetration and thrusting helping to build the momentum to climax. The extra wetness also makes you feel more excited because the mimics the moisture caused by extreme intense arousal. The lube is often overlooked as an unnecessary product, but trust us, after you have tried it once, you will wonder why it was never part of your staples in the bedroom.


Lube comes in many forms – water based, silicone based, oils based and even flavored or warming / cooling sensation ones. Some have stimulating properties that can help to heighten sensitivity and provide a deep, pleasurable feeling during use. 



Bondage are accessories to fulfil your fantasies. They range from blindfolds, to ropes and cuffs and many more. It can generate a sexy and seductive atmosphere, perfect for role playing and letting your imagination go wild. If you have watched Fifty Shades you would have gained a few ideas on how to make use of the different items to add some fireworks in your sex life. Or do we all need a Christian Grey in our lives to teach us how?


This is definitely not an exhaustive guide to sex toys, be sure to explore more for yourself to know which one is your cup of tea. As much as we love plain vanilla sex, it is always good to add variation in it so that we can always feel surprised and excited for it! If you are a first-time buyer of sex toys, be sure to buy it from a credible store that sells good quality toys so that your first experience with sex toys will be a pleasant one.