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Surprise Your Partner with Conversation and Intimacy

Surprise Your Partner with Conversation and Intimacy

Is Singapore ready to openly talk about sex and sex toys given its perceived conservative society? To dive deep into this issue, Maison Mika conducted a study on sex toys and sexual experiences in 2016 and interviewed 300 sexually active respondents across different races and genders. The study reveals that contrary to popular belief, Singaporeans are open to talking about their sexual experiences, and how they feel about sex toys.


67% Believe that Sex is a key foundation of a Relationship
Putting toys aside, 67% of respondents, primarily men, believed that sex is the key foundation of building a good relationship. They believe that a satisfying sexual life improves the overall quality of a relationship. To achieve this goal, more than 70% of respondents showed willingness to initiate a conversation with their partner about their sex life in order to improve it. 

95% are open to trying new things to change up their sex lives.

Respondents showed a willingness to improve their sex lives by trying new things and to this end they try different positions, want to have more foreplay and use products for stimulating emotional and physical reactions.

76% associate positively with sex toys

76% of consumers associate positively with sex toys despite the significant number of respondents not having the chance to try sex toys yet. It can be inferred that if major obstacles such as lack of awareness and exposure to sex toys are eliminated. the number of users of sex toys will increase.

While Asians tend to be more reserved or shy to push the envelope in the bedroom, it is evident through our findings that conversation, communication and sex are the key pillars to a fulfilling relationship.

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