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Truly Romancing – How to Really Sweep a Woman off Her Feet

Truly Romancing – How to Really Sweep a Woman off Her Feet

How To Impress A Woman

In our generation, sweeping a woman off her feet has become difficult if not impossible. Being romantic used to be a bouquet of flowers and a nice meal, or a small little gift that you saved up for many months. Social media, romantic movies and bankers with too much money despite their young age have destroyed this market for normal men like me. There is no destination that seems unreachable, and companies have made this their business model to help us with ideas and execution/planning. So I thought until I met my current partner.  

Collect Memories, Not Things

Collect memories, not things. Although I'm not sure who came up with this quote, but if you are trying to build true romance I believe it wholeheartedly. It can be a hand-written letter, a home-cooked meal or a small gesture to show her that you thought about her on your walk home, like her favorite box of sweet raspberries because they are now in season. These little mementos create an authentic moment that is stronger than any handbag or scarf. Giving her the feeling that she is the center of the universe for you, and that you are willing to look up a recipe, go grocery shopping and try out a great French recipe that you will enjoy with a glass of wine at home is both enriching and fun at the same time.

Explore Intimate Moments, Maybe Introduce Bedroom Toys  

Stay humble and modest, it’s ok to not be Superman. You don’t need to know it all. And that's also true for sex. Surprise her with a candle lit boudoir, laced with scented rose petals, you never know what different foreplay can lead to, maybe you'll finish with a shower together. Ask her what she enjoys. Use massage oils to caress her and create an atmosphere of purity as you turn off your cell phone, as the only thing that matters for a romantic night is your partner. Maybe you and your lady can even try out easy to use toys such as sexy eyeshades and pearl restraints.