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5 Easy Flirty Bedroom Plays

5 Easy Flirty Bedroom Plays

Rushing footsteps, hectic lifestyles. Are our sex routines today also becoming a victim of our hustle and bustle in life?

Many couples skip the foreplay and jump right into sex. However, just like eating, many people don’t just eat to fill up their tummies; they smell the aroma of the food, admire the beautifully presented palettes, and slowly chew to enjoy the flavors in their mouth.  This is the same for sex! Foreplay is a time for couples to explore what turns each other on – wants, desires and even some fantasies that you have been secretly wanting to try out. If foreplay is done right, you are both going to enjoy love making a lot more. Here are some tips for some light flirty play to arouse your mind and body.

  1. Setting the Scene

Atmosphere plays a big part to get you both relaxed and ready. Create a comfortable, quiet and sensual ambience. Set the mood by dimming the lights and filling the room with sensual scents. Put away your work, your worries and give your partner the full attention they deserve.

If you like, put on some music in the background that you both enjoy to create that magical atmosphere.  Or choose to connect in a quiet, uninterrupted environment – you can hear each other’s movement and breathing that can be much more seductive than any music.

  1. Explore each other’s body

The sense of touch is a very powerful tool. A gentle hand on the arm or a light caress of the legs can release mood-boosting hormones and foster bonds between couples. A light touch is all that’s required to draw blood to the surface of the skin and heighten sensitivity and pleasure.

Build on the touch by moving on to a special little massage.  Hear your partner moan and engage each other by asking them how they feel when you are stroking.

Explore the sweet spots of your partner, engage all your body parts and enjoy the play time. Know what are the “prized possessions” of your partner and spend more time on them – usually the breast for ladies and the balls for guys.

  1. Get those taste buds going

 Cover up the eyes to heighten the other four senses.  With eyes covered, the mind is allowed to refocus and the imagination is free to run wild.  Then use your mouth to taste.  Introduce the concept of hot and cold, an ice cube along a naked body can bring wonderful shivers down one’s spine (literally!). Or bring in some edibles such as lickable body points and lick off the body paint from their body and savor the taste. They love it when we tell them how nice they taste.  

  1. Dress up

Men are visual beings. Making yourself look beautiful will not only arouse him, it gives you the confidence and the control during sex. Get out your best lingerie - a lacey one, a bold colored one, whatever makes you feel good. Add some jeweled accessories to complete your outfit for a kinky wild fantasy.  

  1. Up the Game

For special occasions, you can even mix it up and bring out some erotic games for an extra notch of stimulation and excitement.  The beauty of games is that neither parties suggested it, but its probably something that at least one of you had been dreaming about!

It is especially important for women to engage in foreplay because it takes a woman a longer time to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm. Foreplay also helps to maintain intimacy and connection between partners - sometimes amidst our busy lives with our kids, work and life, couple starts to draw apart and lose the initial connection they had. So why not take your time to explore, connect and play with your partner tonight?