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Sex Toys Guide 101: Best Sex Toys For Couples

Sex Toys Guide 101: Best Sex Toys For Couples

Looking for a little extra spice in your love life and want to up the ante in your bedroom? Then get ready to explore couple sex toys, which will enhance sexual enjoyment for both you and your partner. From foreplay to intercourse, beginner to advanced, here are some great ideas to add extra zest to your sex life.


C-shape Couples Vibrator

The golden standard in sex toys designed for couple use is the c-shape couples vibrator, which provides a woman with dual g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The original c-shape vibrator was developed by We-Vibe, a world leader in sex toy design and manufacturing, but thanks to this toy’s popularity and effectiveness, many brands have since developed their own versions of it.

The uniqueness of this pleasure toy lies in its suitability to be used during intercourse as it doesn’t obstruct the man’s penis from penetrating the vagina. For that reason, it’s the perfect toy to try out if you’re looking to increase chances of simultaneous orgasm. Most have a flexible adjustable head, which can be positioned to stimulate from just the right angle. Browse the best c-shape couples vibrators in our store.

Couples C-Shape Vibrator Sex Toy

Bullet Vibrator

If foreplay and stimulation are your focus, try a trusty bullet, also called an egg vibrator. This one is a great beginners’ sex toy thanks to its extreme versatility in both couple and solo play for both sexes. It is most often used in clitoral or penile stimulation, as well as for vaginal or anal insertion. However, you can even try it on other areas of the body, such as the testicles, inner thighs, or nipples.

The simple design makes it a very user-friendly sex toy for those with no prior experience, yet a staple for even advanced toy users thanks to the many different ways in which its shape can be explored. This is the one toy you won’t get bored of! Check out our bestselling bullet egg vibrator from SVAKOM.

Couples Bullet Egg Vibrator Sex Toy


Penis Ring

Also called a cock ring, shaft ring, or c-ring, this sex toy may sound intimidating, but trust us when we say that it’s one of the most guaranteed ways to ensure that both partners reach orgasm in penetrative sex. Penis rings are a hands-free pleasure toy that is designed as a ring that’s inserted close to the base of the penis, restricting blood flow and making the man’s erection stronger and longer lasting. Some versions come as simple rings, other more advanced penis rings for couples feature a vibrating extension to simultaneously stimulate the partner’s clitoris, vulva, or anus, thus delivering pleasurable sensations to both participants even during sexual intercourse.  

Since penis rings are one of the few toys primarily used by the man, they are a great choice for male gay couples looking to explore the use of sex toys. 

Couples Vibrating Penis Ring Sex Toy


Butt Plug

Looking for something a little more adventurous? If you have prior experience with sex toy use, eventually you’ll get to the point of exploring anal play and toys. The oft-neglected area of anal stimulation and penetration can make a big difference in your couple sex life, as the anus contains thousands of nerve endings that, when properly stimulated, can bring about an anal orgasm.

Anal plugs are accessible to both sexes and are very convenient to use as they generally stay plugged in the rectum for the whole duration of sex, and don’t need to be continuously handled. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, vibrating and non-vibrating types. Give this a try, it won’t disappoint!

Anal Butt Plug Sex Toy


The options stated above are not an exhaustive list of sex toys that can enhance your couple sex life. There is a endless variety in the market of shapes, features, sizes, and materials to cater to any of your and your partner's needs and wants.

Get started on the journey to enhancing your relationship and intimacy by browsing our extensive couple sex toys collection. A good night can be made infinitely better by the added stimulation that sex toys can provide!