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Ladies, it’s time to get in touch with your sensuality.

Ladies, it’s time to get in touch with your sensuality.

As women, we spend our lives giving our best, regardless of what role we play. We tend to neglect our own needs to feel good about ourselves, which often leads to us feeling burned out and emotionally exhausted. It is therefore important to allocate personal time for one’s own emotional, mental and intimate wellness so that we can bounce back to being our best version.

This International Women’s Day, we want you to focus on YOU, especially your sensual self. Embracing sensuality is one of the essential pillars to a fulfilling life as it affects all aspects of our lives from our emotional well-being, self-confidence to our relationship with our partners. While some of us may experience difficulties feeling confident in their own skin, here are 5 ways to kick start the exploration of your sensuality: 

1. Join a striptease class

Burn calories in a fun way. Joining a striptease class not only helps to tone your core, it also helps to build confidence and self-esteem as you pick up a new sensuous routine.

While this might seem intimidating, we have partnered with the eminent SLAP Dance Studio to give away 10 pairs of trial classes so that you can try out a session with your girlfriend even if you may have no dance experience at all. Trust us, you are in good hands with the veteran dance instructors from SLAP.

Head over to our Facebook and Instagram page for more giveaway details.

2. Boudoir photography

Boudoir photography is slowly gaining popularity with professional photographers capturing your strong, sensuous and confident side in an intimate setting. Admit it, who doesn’t like to be pampered like a glamour queen for a day and have beautiful portraits of yourself as keepsakes?

Stay tuned for our collaboration with Inprivate, a boudoir photography studio dedicated to bringing out the confidence in every woman. 

3. Treat yourself to a massage

Everyone loves a nice sensual massage. Embrace the pleasure of touch and smell using some of our curated massage candles and massage oils so that you can indulge in a spa day at the privacy and comfort of your own private boudoir.

Browse our Massage Candles and Massage Oil.

4. Buy some Kegels

Kegels (also known as Ben Wa balls) have been around for centuries, and aside from the medical benefits such as increasing pelvic floor muscle strength, aiding bladder control or pelvic organ prolapse, they also help to form a stronger band of muscles resulting in better love making for both you and your partner. Admittedly, the balls take getting used to, but given the list of benefits, there are few reasons not to get those muscles exercising!

Browse our Kegel collection here.

5. Get yourself gorgeous lingerie

Many women seem to believe that they will only invest in lingerie only if they have someone to see it. Contrary to this misconception, beautiful lingerie helps you to feel sexy and confident regardless of your relationship status. You should also not be saving your best lingerie only on special occasions.

Delightfully tasteful and yet quietly seductive, check out our limited edition of La Vie Nue's lingerie collection.