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The ABCs of Sex Toys

The ABCs of Sex Toys


Starting to learn about sex toys? When getting our first or even subsequent sex toys we always want to make sure that we get a good one. There are a wide variety of sex toys out there, each are unique and for different uses. Hence, we want to make sure that we do ample research before committing to them. However, if you have absolutely no clue about sex toys, here’s a little A-Z guide on sex toys.



Aneros is one of the most recognised names in hands free, prostate stimulators. It is created for the market of G-spot stimulators. However, other than sexual stimulation, prostate massager also comes with health benefits such as reducing prostate cancer and improving erectile dysfunction and prostatitis.


If you are looking for prostate massagers, definitely take a look at Aneros. They produce very well made prostate massagers that allows hands-free usage giving you unique pleasures that work with your body movements. 



Bondage play has many interpretations and many extremes. By exploring bondage, the relationship is brought to the next level of intimacy and trust. When doing bondage, it is important to always be respectable to your partner, and never do anything that one party is reluctant or hesitant to do. Plan, discuss and be sure to discontinue play if anyone wishes to do so. 


There are many accessories and tools to aid in your bondage play. A blindfold is a must as it helps to increase sensitivity and stimulation and allows imagination to run wild. You can also look at cuffs, ropes and bondage tape which serves similar purposes but brings very unique character into the play. Bondage is certainly an art that you must slowly explore and appreciate! (Refer to this article to learn more about The Art of Bondage!)



Cock Rings

Cock rings inhibit blood flow, which may help make his erection larger and harder, for longer, and is fully reusable. It can come in many different types of materials (some stretchy, some are hard like chrome or stainless steel which are for more advanced users). 


There are also vibrating cock rings in the market that can stimulate both parties during intimate play. Some people prefer stretchable cock rings that are more comfortable to use where some prefer metal cock rings that generate more constriction resulting in a more intense erection. Be sure to choose the right fit and size to ensure a safe and comfortable play and prevent any chances of an embarrassing trip to the A&E! 



Dildos are usually shaped like a penis to be inserted for sexual stimulation and masturbation use. Dildos can be enjoyed by both men and women and can be used for vaginal or anal insertion. Some dildo are so well-made that it mimics the touch and sensation of a real penis while others comes with a strap for hands-free usage.



Tenga eggs is a cute little gadget for people who are looking into and experimenting sex toys. It is designed to be a one time use toy and meant for masturbating or as a tool to stimulate the men during couple play.


It comes in many different sensations where the stroker will have different grids and textures to generate different stimulation. It also has an entry level price point which is great as a small surprise gift for your partner or for couples who are exploring into using tools to spice up their sex lives.


Fun factory

Well-known for their colorful, playful and aesthetic accessories, Fun Factory has garnered the love of many adult toys lover. It is also the first sex toy producer to win the renowned “red dot design award” for the Delight Vibrator and many subsequent awards for their product.


They make use of 100% medical grade silicon and body-friendly plastics in their products to ensure that users enjoy quality and safe products. They have so many different toys in different colors that you are sure to find one that you like!



Glas produces beautiful, hand-crafted glass sex toys that are so exquisite that it can be a display piece in your house. Glass toys are non-porous and are easy to clean with just simply soap and water. It is definitely a piece to last you for long as it does not break down or wear off with frequent usage.



Handcuffs are great for bondage or role playing. It adds a wild and serious vibe into the atmosphere where you hear the sound of the metal against each other and the cold touch of metal on the skin. There is a wide variety of handcuffs ranging from leather ones to fanciful ones with pearls or diamonds that can even double up as an accessory for day wear!



Iroha is a series of collection from Tenga that features vibrators made of beautiful colors, soft textures and versatile shapes. It is catered to the appeal of women to revolutionize the sex toy industry for women. Iroha is made up of their innovative Soft Touch material that allows comfortable and pleasurable usage. 



Jimmyjane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist. They design products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create provocative possibility. Their products are innovative, modern and sophisticated and is definitely a great addition to your collection.




Kegels are marble-sized balls, designed to increase pelvic floor muscle strength. Training your pelvic floor muscles helps to reduce problems such are Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Apart from that, it helps to increase sexual pleasure for both the men and women providing you with a more intense orgasm!



Lelo is a renowned name in the sex toy industry for their innovative and quality products. They take pride in producing the most refined and luxurious sex toys for men and women as well as couples. Their products are made up of the best technology that gives the best sensations and also having modern looking silhouettes. You will never go wrong with choosing lelo as your first sex toy!


Massage oils

Everyone loves a nice sensual massage. It can be a part of the foreplay routine to build intimacy through the gentle suggestive caresses or during afterplay to connect and savior the time together. Massage oils not only help ensure that the movements are friction-less and luxuriously absorbed into the skin, but they generally incorporate aromas to add to the atmosphere.


Nipple jewelry

According to Nicki Minaj, Nipple jewelry are back in trend again! Nipple covers are a simple and unique way to celebrate the woman's body and boost her confidence by making her feel a little more special. Dress the breast up, and yet leave a just that little bit to the imagination. Share the outfit for your partner only; or for those more daring boobies, wear them as part of an outfit on a sparkly night out and be sure to steal the show.



Originating from Germary, Ovo creates beautifully sleek and 100% body safe lifestyle toys that won numerous awards. The silicon used for the products are so impressively well-made and all the products are backed by a 15 year warranty. This ensures that you can get the bang from your buck with these long-lasting quality toys.



We love bring edibles into our sexual play. Body paints allow you to connect with your partner and discover your partner’s body through touch and taste. Let your partner be your canvass and draw your masterpiece using the body paint and finally lick it off with your gentle kisses.



Good quality sex toys are a must when choosing your products. There are way too many crappy sex toys out there that ruins the whole perception of sex toys as being not really useable or long lasting. However, there are many sex toys out there that are made of incredible quality and also provides warranty to be able to last. Dare to make your investment in a quality sex toy today!



Probably the most famous vibrator after being shown in Sex and the City by Charlotte. Rabbit vibrators provides dual stimulation at the clitoris as well as the internal G-spot giving you the most intense orgasm. It is usually larger in size compared to the bullet but is definitely not a vibrator you should miss.



Sliquid believes in providing high quality lubricants that is safe and natural. It is formulated entirely sugar and sugar derivative free (glycerin), and with sparse amounts of only the safest ingredients, making it the cleanest, most natural lubricant on the market. Hence, Sliquid is suitable for even the most sensitive skin to use.


Ticklers & Whips

Ticklers and Whips are accessories for bondage and role play as well. Ticklers are used to tease and caress your partner’s body stimulating them from every nerve. Whips are used to compliment playful and seduction play to be used to spank your partner. Both are perfect accessories for role playing to play along with your imaginations.


Uma Vibrator

The Uma Vibrator from Je Joue is beautifully contoured to fit your body’s natural curves, and is the perfect first toy for internal, external or G-spot pleasure whether together or solo.


It has a luxurious touch to it and is quiet to allow for discrete usage. It provides 5 speeds and 6 vibrations to choose from allowing you to explore and fine tune your vibrator experience.  



Vibrators are the most well-known and celebrated sex toy in the market. The world of vibrator is huge – we have the small and powerful bullets, we have the rabbits and also vibrating kegels, cock rings etc. A vibrator is enjoyed by both men and women and are great for exploring and sharing experience. (Refer to this article to learn more about choosing your first vibrator!)



We-vibe works with a team of world-class engineers, industrial designers , sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to design and develop intimate products that work in sync with the human body. So much thought is put into their products to produce new industry standards for ergonomic design and high performance while remaining eco‑friendly and body-safe.


Xtra Wetness – Lubes

Lubricants are an important and good starting product to use. It should be use with most sex toys to reduce friction and can also be used during sex to allow for a smoother penetration and thrusting. It comes in different forms such as water-based, silicon-based and oil-based, each serving its own purpose. (Refer to our lube article for more details) However, you need to be careful with the type of lubricant used on your sex toys so that it does not damage your toy.


Your needs

It can be the best sex toy in the world but it will not work on you if it does not satisfy your needs! You need to think about what your sex toy is use for, is it for masturbating use? Or to be use on your partner? Or is it a tool to enhance your play with your partner?


If you are choosing a vibrator, do it want it for internal stimulation or external stimulation? What do u need your lube to be for? There is so many things to consider and it is important evaluate your needs to pick a best contender for that will fit you the most.



And finally, the Z to sex toys is to try it for yourself to know it! Some shops do offer a good selection of beginner products that has a good starting price point and are easy to use. Some even have like a beginner’s starting pack that includes different products that can work well together to give you a pleasant experience. Different people will have different preference for their toys, be sure to find out for yourself!